Ski Poles
     - Carbon Fiber Poles
     - Glass Fiber Poles
     - Aluminum Poles
     - Handle
     - Wristbelt
     - Basket


Ski Pole Branch Company under M-Sports System has been in Ski Pole Industry Field for years, we are professional in manufactures, R&D, design, marketing development and branding support. With Consultation and Testing of National Team Players, we are keeping improving our quality and growing rapidly in the past decade.


M-Factory® is our industry system for manufacture, integrative management can greatly save the cost and heighten the production line efficiency, experienced engineers and skilled workers can guarantee the high quality level.

M-Technology® focus on and specilize in Material Technology and Product Structure Function Technology, our R&D team and custom-made according to your needs.

M-Design® will support to finish your pole design according to your Logos and Ideas or only according to your marketing positioning and consumer group. Your personal design needs will be also satisfied here.

Linkia® is our Operation & Service Centre, we will operate your every needs, present marketing solutions, provide branding support and service. Just Click on "Contact Us" right now to win in your market.